One Day Renovation

A hotel room completely renovated in one day. We can do it!

A hotel room completely renovated in one day. It can be done! The existing hotel room is emptied by One Day specialists. All other items are neatly and professionally stored in the prearranged space. Our work is geared to one another, which is why we are able to renovate the hotel room in one day. We work with a fixed team of maintenance specialists, after renovating thousands of rooms we know what needs to be done. Clear agreements and a tight schedule form the basis of this unique concept. With One Day Renovation, you know where you stand.

Choose the colour from the One Day Collection

Before we can get started, there are a number of choices to be made. In addition to an existing colour, it is possible to choose a contrasting colour. This colour can come back on a wall in the room concerned.

Choose your floor from the One Day Collection

Then you can choose your floor from a wide range of colours and materials.

The renovation team gets to work

Time is limited, so let’s get to work.

The walls are painted

The floor covering is laid

Is the room ready? Then we put all the furniture back and the rooms can be decorated again as you wish.

And all that within one day. One Day Renovation, a unique concept!

Nationwide coverage

Tight scheduling

No loss of income

Fixed prices


More information? Please contact us

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