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With more than 100 years of experience in the construction sector, Pleijsier Hotelrenovatie has developed into a reliable, transparent and modern partner with an increasing focus on sustainability and future prospects.

Pleijsier Hotelrenovatie focuses on the renovation and conversion of existing hotel buildings or the finishing of new hotel buildings of national hotel chains. The starting points for these projects are modernisation, sustainability and future-proofing. Pleijsier Hotelrenovatie combines two of its strengths here: the qualities and knowledge in the field of product and process thinking and the years of experience in the implementation of large-scale renovation projects.
The result: a satisfied customer and the renovation carried out in accordance with the agreements made, within budget and in a good time frame. At Pleijsier Hotelrenovatie, a critical eye for detail always plays a major role. This is due to the fact that Pleijsier Hotelrenovatie is often supported by its sister company Palet Vastgoedonderhoud for finishing work. In addition to a meticulous finish, this collaboration also offers the possibility of carrying out the entire plan. Pleijsier Hotelrenovatie builds warm relationships through long-term partnerships and good contacts.


At Pleijsier Hotelrenovatie, reliability is one of the foundations of our corporate philosophy. Quality is what we need to deliver. Reliable is what we need to be.

Reliable in the quality we deliver and a down-to-earth, transparent and no-nonsense family business with more than 100 years of construction experience. Because we are experts in the field of hotel renovations, our down-to-earth and modest mentality gives us the ability to put ourselves in the shoes of the hotelier and their guests. This allows us to deliver custom work. This proven success was one of the specific reasons to create Pleijsier Hotelrenovatie.


The family business Pleijsier Hotelrenovatie has extensive experience and knowledge in construction and renovation. This originated from a passionate team under the name Pleijsier Bouw & Onderhoud which was founded in 1998 and focuses mainly on non-residential construction.

Pleijsier Hotelrenovatie is characterised by its expertise in the field of hotel renovations and therefore deserves its own discipline, allowing for even better service and unburdening of clients.


Pleijsier Hotelrenovatie is about more than
just the end result

Throughout the entire process from start to finish, Pleijsier Hotelrenovatie will be happy to help you come up with ideas regarding the details of the collaboration and the execution of the work. You will see that we are ‘Pleijsurable’ people to work with! Why? Because our down-to-earth and modest mentality is based on long-term relationships with our partners and a transparent and open communicative way of working. We are a professional partner with numerous referrals and expert knowledge. In this way we are able to deliver tailor-made solutions where others cannot, partly due to the experience and knowledge of the market parties.


Because of its involved and transparent way of working, Pleijsier Hotelrenovatie acts as a modern and open partner. Over the years, this has resulted in many good collaborations with long-term relationships.

Pleijsier Hotelrenovatie is happy to help you think about the interpretation and elaboration of your hotel renovation project.


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Pleijsier Hotel Renovation is part of Pleijsier Bouw & Onderhoud